Thursday, February 26, 2009

SPOTTED: Kocek Clothing

More for the boys! And hey, no one said tees has to be all simple and plain. With the selection available here, you're bound to have a brand new wardrobe of tees!

Glamz Studio

If you're a trend watcher, you'd realised what the celebs are carrying. Not only that, you would be able to carry the same bag as them as well too! Woot!


Totally unique in this colour, can? *grins* Who would have thought something like that can look so fab? Am totally loving it already! Give us more of this shade!

Exclusively Elegant

Them harem pants. Can you carry the style? *winks* It's like the new rage in town already! Everyone seems to be wanting to get their hands on a pair, no?


Fancy a shirtdress? These days, everything's looking all semi-formal, no? And that's great because it's more versatile this way! Woot!

Closet Story

Look who else got their hands on some bikinis! *giggles* One pair is never enough when it comes to these stringed up goodies, no? *winks*


Your sister in shopping

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