Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SPOTTED: Monkey + Banana

Them pixel goodies come in a pair as well too! How adorable! *grins* Get your dear one to have it and you'll always be complete when the both of you are together!

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

They too got some pussybows in store! Looking great there already with minimal effort isn't it babes? *grins* The colour is great when paired with some classic black skirts or pants!

SPOTTED: SuperRolling

Goodies for below rm30! Isn't that a great bargain already babes? We're totally getting more goodies without breaking the bank at all!

SPOTTED: Dusky Wings

A statement bag, can? Witty and totally one of a kind! Now wouldn't you like something like that? Pray that the customs have a good sense of humour too yea?

SPOTTED: Hugs & Kisses

I don't know about you, but I sure do love some turtlenecks! They totally keep me warm and they look great when layered with vests and necklaces!

A Cuppa Tea

Behind these designs is a girl who adores arts and craft! Now you can get your own personalised shoes from her as well too! After all, we do wanna be unique, no?


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