Saturday, February 28, 2009

SPOTTED: Paradize Lane

Cute egg-shaped freshwater pearls! Ahh.. looking really dainty on that charmbracelet there already, no? And they have more goodies such as these! Go have a look see to check it out for yourself!

Round Bean

Key chains, handbag charms and all that jazz! Here's where you can get your hands on some and totally customized for you too! Have you got a better design in mind? *winks*

SPOTTED: Bimbswardrobe

Stripe 'em up! You know, I totally bought something from Zara that look almost like this one here! Well, not for such a price sadly. Why don't you take part in this fab bargain?


Clutches from none other than MNG! Woot! They totally come in some unique designs there, no? Not your average looking clutch there! All the more reason to add on to your collection!


Brought in all the way from the UK are these lovely shoes! Totally unique and very affordable as well too, no? If you want a pair, you better hurry! They're not restockable!

ESN Clothing

That's an intresting printed blouse! Very fashionable I would say, yet it seems to fit for every other occassion too! How awesome is that to own a piece like this?!

SPOTTED: My Kedai Runcit

Got some monkey business going on? Tee-hee. Here's a cute pair! Whether you wanna purchase just one or both, it's up to you! I reckon a pair's better. I bet you got someone in mind to give it to *winks*

SPOTTED: Dusty Lace

Black and pink on a dress, can? Woot! Like what a combo that is already! Even more when it's got that bustier feature there as well too! *giggles*


Awesome cardis with hoodies to keep you warm and they don't even cost you a bomb! Hey, that actually rhymes too. Tee-hee. Come and get your hands on some babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: Pastel Stripes

Very sexy piece there indeed babes! *grins* You totally get to tie the knot on this mini dress here. Bet you'll turn many heads with this one alright!


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