Friday, February 13, 2009

SPOTTED: Pixel 101 *Newbie*

Yup, more pixel art! And they're really sweet for dedicating their site to their beloved cat, no? *grins* Go and get yourself some creative designs and pixel it up already!

SPOTTED: Urbane Mannequin *Newbie*

No need introduction when it comes to goodies like these, no? We're just uber lucky to be able to see them online for a price that's a steal compared to what's offered out there!

SPOTTED: Whatever Darl *Newbie*

And another, for no more introduction here! *grins*Ahh.. seems like everyone is having their very own Coach clutch or wallet nowadays isn't it? Are you one of them?

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

More dual toned goodies, can? And this time bringing you something more sophisticated complete with a dual toned dress and a pussybow as well too!

SPOTTED: By Nazdia

More handmade notebooks! Ahh.. with V-day tmr, they too have followed on the whole love/heart-shaped theme. Tee-hee. Which is great!

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Ahh.. a little lace always adds on something awesome to a dress, no? Tee-hee. Especially white lace on a black dress! Very sexy there already, ain't it?

ESN Clothing

Here's another dual toned dress that's good for the work place! Seems like all the goodies are taking a step into maturity, no? Tee-hee. Just perfect for soon-to-be college grads like myself!

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

The one cartoon character known by the most people around the globe! Mickey! Woot! Now we can have different charms bearing his logo already! *grins*


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