Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

Get yourself some skinny fit jeans there. And that washed out effect? Totally too awesome to resist, isn't it babes? *grins* I loike it already!

SPOTTED: Drestres

Polka dot and chiffon, what is there not to like about this dress here already, eh? Dainty and demure and a LBD as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Kyo-Fashion

Plenty of hearts with this one here! And I adore the hearts charms, can?! Tee-hee. Get this for only rm20! Steal it before someone else does babes!

SPOTTED: Secretly Lovely

Fancy a casual jumpsuit like this one here, huh? Perfect when you wanna take a stroll and just be yourself for the day! Not too dressy yet not too plain!

SPOTTED: Like, Seriously

Floral bubble skirt, anyone? It's cute how they turn out puffy at the hem like this here, no? *grins* Makes it look so cute and joyful already!

Happy Bear Wardrobe

More long tees! And am totally loving it as well too, aren't you? Especially when they look great with those leggings you've got there already! Woot!

La'Belle Closet

That's right, more dual toned goodies! Woot! This time, with some ruffled neckline to match it too *grins* Ain't that lovely already babes? Tee-hee

Pampering Yourself Naturally

Their new collection, featuring loofahs along with the purchase as well too! That's right, natural ingredients and free loofahs! How can you resist something like that?!


Looking for rocker chick bangles? Here are more for you! Woot! Yup, head on over for these accessories already, other than the usual charmbracelets which you already have plenty!


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