Monday, February 16, 2009

SPOTTED: Silver Jewelry Fetish *Newbie*

Here's a place catering for accessories only! And oh, all silver goodies, can? Tee-hee. come have a look see, you'll never know what you might just find!

Sweet Toothsome

They sure do bring in one of a kind goodies there, no? *grins* Especially the prints! Check it out already. Gone are the days when all of our clothes are just plain coloured

Emotion Fashion

Ahh.. don't you just love those chiffon goodies?! Especially when they come in such sweet colours as well too! Woot! I'm totally loving it already babes!

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Talk about getting puffy sleeves, this one here sure is! *grins* Available in your classic black and white colours, you sure cannot miss out on this one here

SPOTTED: Sugar Dressing

Inspired by none other than Christian Louboutin, can?! Wow.. And they sure are selling fast. If you want a pair, you know what to do. Hurry!


Get yourself soem handphone pouches to protect those babies from being scratched! Especailly when it slips out of your grip. This is totally useful, can?

Princess Feverlicious

That sure is one prety skirt there, no? *grins* They have two designs, go have a look see and figure out which is best! I'd say both are equally gorgeous!


Your sister in shopping

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