Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been a while but hey, looks like I'm gonna manage a whole post just for accessories! Woot!

SPOTTED: I Love Jewelries *Newbie*

Plenty more stainless steel goodies! And I heard, they got many Tiffany&Co.'s inspired goodies as well too! Woot! Ain't that great news babes? I'ma loving it!

SPOTTED: Jasz's Jewelry Box

This time in white, simple charms paired with oriental looking beads there. What's there not to like babes? Tee-hee. You can also custom make your own too!


Liking vintage goodies? They are unveiling their latest collections at the upcoming bazaar babes! Go and check them out! They got some fancy privileges in store for you if you sign up as a VIP too!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

More vintage looking goodies, this time in brass! Woot! And is that a rocking horse I see there? Tee-hee. That's just so fab isn't it babes? Woot!

SPOTTED: The M. Jewellery Collection *Newbie*

And for more exclusive goodies, you can find 'em right here babes! Not your ordinary kinda beads and bracelet there alright! Come and have a look see!

SPOTTED: Joan Bead Shop

And a whole collections with charms from the tool box? Now that's something we don't get to see everyday alright! Tee-hee. Don't you agree babes?


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