Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mad Tea Par-tay!


Location: www.alicewonders.com

OMG, what's it about?!

Description: Online shopping with a touch of MADNESS! Prices on over hundred bags going berserk, randomly shrinking to as low as 70% every hour! Shoppers also get to enjoy exclusive 1 day free delivery.

When does this happen?!

Start Date: 1st Apr 2009 | Start Time: 12:00am

End Date: 1st Apr 2009 | End Time: 11:59pm

Count me in! Woot!

For more information, click here >> www.alicewonders.com/madteaparty.html

Have a blast this 1st of April! And no, it ain't no joke on anyone!


Your sister in shopping

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