Friday, March 6, 2009

SPOTTED: 2 Purply Butterfly *Newbie*

So many of these! I bet 'cha they'll be as hot as the kimono inspired dresses, no? They're gorgeous, sexy and I love the prints on them! Woot!

SPOTTED: What the Fudge?! *Newbie*

That mock croc skin. The space. And of all colours, purple! *grins* How could you ever resist a purple bag babes? And they sure don't come by often as well too!

SPOTTED: Glitz 23 *Newbie*

Of course, how could we miss out on the BF dressing, can? Especially when it now comes with a sash! A touch of femininity in the BF style!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

You know, this is one colour that is rarely found in chiffon material, or well, to me that is. But hey, it really looks awesome like this as well too, no?

Luscious Lips

Bags galore once more! And this one here even has some secret compartments, can? Tee-hee. That sure is to come in handy when you have some goodies you'd keep to yourself *winks*

Love Bugs

Wild prints on them scarfs! Woot! Is like someone planning to throw a theme party here? Cuz we'll totally have no trouble finding the clothes that fit the ocassion!

SPOTTED: Sweet Toothsome

And I was just saying? *grins* Yup, wild prints are all around babes! Don't worry about it being tacky, it totally isn't! It's actually rather sexy!

A Fashion Story

While it isn't Valentine's, no one said you can't express your love! *giggles* Or it could always be for a dear sister or a bestie! A great gift that totally sends the right message!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Or you could always celebrate the Valentine's in March! The White Valentine with a pair of handphone straps like these! One for you and one for the boifee!


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