Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Shirts, dresses, skirts! And that's only some of what she has in store for you, can? *grins* She has so much more you really would go silly trying to pick what you like best!

SPOTTED: Pink Poodle *Newbie*

Awesome, no? Seems like these handcuff goodies are making a big name for itself, no? *grins* And it should! They're unique and totally one of a kind too!

SPOTTED: Bonita Chikas Store *Newbie*

Stripe up! And with broad stripes, it looks even more comfier too! *giggles* Plus, it has that tie back feature there as well, making it sexy too!

SPOTTED: Sugar Dressing

More peep toes for you babes! How can you not like them? After all, they're good for both work and play! And the height, just right as well too!

SPOTTED: Fashion Splash

Double the straps to a whole new look! And not to mention, the price is such a steal you wouldn't need to think twice about getting your hands on this one here alright! Woot!

SPOTTED: Mischief Inc

Army prints bikinis! Looks like they just brought in a whole truckload, can? Woot! Go crazy picking out the right prints and the right designs!


These here are good for decorating your nails, lappie, pen drive, phone and whatever you can think of! *grins* And with more purchase, you get more savings too!

SPOTTED: Bimbswardrobe

4 layers there, can? *grins* And just when we thought 3 was a lot. You haven't seen this alright! Tee-hee. A great match between the many kinda prints there, almost patchwork-like!


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