Friday, March 13, 2009

SPOTTED: Classy Cherry *Newbie*

A whole lot of maxi dresses here babes! Woot! Get your hands on some of these classic pieces. They sure don't come by often alright *grins*

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Get this baby for rm50 with postage! Woot! This is a great bargain, especially when it can fit a 14" lappie too! Perfect! I've always been looking for one meself!

SPOTTED: FelizDeModa

More kimono inspired pieces, can? Tee-hee. We really can never get enough of them alright. I wonder, who has like 10 pieces? After all, there are so many designs out there!

SPOTTED: Ladies Fashion

Here are more maxi dresses! Going for only rm45! Woot! They are getting more gorgeous and also more affordable! After all, everyone's wearing them, you would want one too!

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

More LV goodies! Tee-hee. And this time round, we get a sling bag, can? I do know of some people who absolutely adore LV. They would so squeal seeing this!

SPOTTED: The Junkie Lover *Newbie*

Another e-shop just for bags! Woot! A pink sling bag. Aww.. so sweet, can? Totally adore it! *giggles* Yes, I still love sling bags, though I'm in school no more!

Oh, popsicles!

Ahh.. pretty ain't it babes? A dark blue dress with many folds. Plus, with folds like these, it'll totally hug your body like a second skin, showing off that flattering figure!

Lavie Marionette

Plenty of pendants in this update here alright! And they sure are one of a kind as well. Are you the kind to collect? Here's a good place to start off with! Woot!

Sunrider JY *Newbie*

Make up products, all made with natural ingredients! That's good babes! Good for the environment and your skin of course. Tee-hee. Come give it a try!

SPOTTED: Yuri Washio *Newbie*

Now I don't really have long nails, very bad at keeping them. But if you have, you should totally try nail art! They look gorgeous! Come have a look see!


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