Monday, March 16, 2009


More twisted tube tops! We've seen them a plenty, we like 'em and now we have more in a whole new set of colours! Woot! A simple piece, but sure does the trick!

SPOTTED: Only Branded Replica

They now are catering for the dudes as well too! Belts, shade, tees and more! Woot! We can now shop for the boyfriend online or have them shop with us too!

SPOTTED: What the Fudge

More trapeze tops! It was in demand, and it still is! And it even comes with pockets. How handy eh? Tee-hee. Pair 'em up with leggings or tights and you're good to go

SPOTTED: Dollykyande

Bags, bags and more bags! You'll definitely find heaps here alright! So many choices you're really gonna have trouble picking what you want! *grins*

SPOTTED: Luv My Dresses

A dress? A pinafore? Which ever it may be for you, this one here sure will be great for layering! Tee-hee. Or maybe you can just pair it with a tube top!

SPOTTED: 2 Purply Butterfly

Ahh.. more blouses! And you should totally check out the back of this top as well too! It's one of a kind! For work or play, this top here sure makes it good for both worlds!

SPOTTED: Personalitee

More handmade goodies! They had the brooches and now we have hair clips too! Woot! We sure salute all the hard work put into making 'em alright!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

They don't sell one piece, the entire outfit is for sale! Woot! Isn't that just great babes? We really need more goodies like these! Save us the trouble for finding that perfect piece just to match something!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Of course, dual tone all the way! This must be like theit nth piece, can? Tee-hee. I reckon they are like me, totally adore dual toned pieces! Woot!


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