Sunday, March 8, 2009

SPOTTED: Closetz Galore

That's totally my idea of a great night out! A simple tube dress in a dazzling colour and a sash that totally comes along with the purchase as well too *grins*

SPOTTED: Rags&Threads *Newbie*

And of course, if you haven't noticed, there's been a rage on all the corsets and bustiers lately, no? Tee-hee. They sure are looking fab aren't they? Woot!

SPOTTED: Paradizelane

Perhaps charms aren't really your thing, but yet you would like something on your wrist. Try some of these freshwater pearls instead! They're lovely!

SPOTTED: Bubbly Shopaholics

Ruffles, pleats, what more could we ask for? Everyone seems to be wearing 'em and I'm sure you do not wanna miss out! Go and get some!

SPOTTED: Twilight Pre-Order

To be worn off shoulder, or not. This one here serves well as a mini dress and even as a long top to be paired with leggings! Woot! Besides, it looks totally comfy as well too!

SPOTTED: Lux Darling

Like who does not recognise the LV Speedy? That's like THE bag, can? Not exactly the original but hey, good enough! And now they're offering you free postage along with it too! Woot!

Style Influx

Wild prints summore! And they're all over the place, in every style as well too! Yet to get a piece? *grins* Come in, join the fun! The wild prints madness is here to stay!


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