Friday, March 6, 2009

SPOTTED: Dollhaus *Newbie*

Does she look familiar? Yup, that's Binnie. A former partner of Lacquer & Lace! *grins* Now she's got her very own e-shop and my, the goodies sure are looking fab there, no?

SPOTTED: Fashion Palettes

One of these days, I'm gonna feature a post on just the classics. Checks, stripes and not forgetting the cutesy polka dots *grins* Especially the black and white ones!

Closet Chaos

Eyelets on the hemline and even a bow! *giggles* This is definitely perfect for you if you're not into that oversized bows but still love having it there. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: A Bit of Everything

If you really have got way too many of those satin handkerchief maxi dresses, why not try something like this instead?! It truly is something unique and different from what we always see!

Soak Republic

More simple yet dazzling designs! And hey, it looks great when set against black, no? Make sit perfect when you're gonna be wearing that LBD! Woot!

The Aura

Another series of pick and hook, this time with colourful gem stones to boot! Woot! Oh, and they're totally giving away free angel charms when you make a customization!

SPOTTED: Lux Darling

If LV really is too much for you, then why not take a try at Prada? *grins* And they even included delivery charges in the price too, can?!

Bimbs Wardrobe

Plenty of LBDs are available, not necessary for the grand ballroom. Something sexy and chic like this could always come in handy when you're heading out tonight *winks*

SPOTTED: Style Influx

Look who else is into getting some of Gossip Girl! More headbands for the lovely you babes! Especially if you're a fan of them, just like Queen B herself!

SPOTTED: The Sticker Monster

Have you got the eye of the magpie? One who loves to bling up every gadget and every thing? Then here's the place to be! She's got a whole lot to choose from too!


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