Friday, March 27, 2009

SPOTTED: Euphoria Couture *Newbie*

Looking good for a walk on the beach eh? Tee-hee. I'd sure think so! A sweet piece with the pink and white flowers! Pretty! I like it! Don't you too?

SPOTTED: Mimi-mimi *Newbie*

And of course, the ever more classic prints! Something like this would never go out of style and is great for any function as well too! Woot! What say you?

SPOTTED: By Nazdia

Checked on 'em books as well too! Yup, this is their latest range of notebooks and they are looking fab! Oo.. not taking orders too, better get 'em while stocks last!

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

Looking like MNG? Yup, something like that and of course a whole lot more affordable as well too! *grins* And I like 'em, it's red! Fancy carrying a red purse!

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx

This one here, inspired by ASOS! We sure do get plenty of goodies inspired by that big brand alright! And we're totally lucky to be able to get our hands on 'em!

SPOTTED: Mystique Dream

More prints? Tee-hee. Something casual and even for formal events! How about that? Totally versatile and definitely a keeper, no? I'd think so!

SPOTTED: Sugar Couture

All the way from over the seas! A matching pair of earrings and a ring to go with it too! They even got a set in white, can? Tee-hee. Ain't it fab?

SPOTTED: Our Beauty Diary

There you go with more of 'em dual toned goodies! This one here looks like it has got a bow tie attched to it, no? Adrogony in play! Woot!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

Yet another LBD? And this one here carries a sexy back to it too! *grins* You better grab it before someone else does! Goodies like these will always run out of stocks fast!


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