Monday, March 23, 2009

SPOTTED: Fashionology

There are the plain leggings and then there are the ones with lace! And trust me, a long top looks absolutely fab with any one of these! Woot! Try it!

SPOTTED: A Chic Store

Checked forever more! Tee-hee. Tie it at the midriff like so for the cowgirl look already! I think it's fab, no? Especially in blue as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Marshmallow

And you thought she went poof! Not! This time round, with plenty of lace goodies! Tee-hee. Totally unique designs in each piece. Come and grab yours!


Cute, huh? That's right, a whole site catering for tights alone for both kids and adults! The cute, the sexy, the contemporary and whatever you can possibly find! Woot!

SPOTTED: Mocking Bird

A tweed skirt, can? *grins* And yes, who doesn't like a dose of vintage now and then? They're really great finds of the bygone eras but still look as fab as ever!

Chamber of Fashion

Ahh.. this is something I haven't seen in a while alright! Simple smocked tube tops that are good to go with cinchers and leggings! Woot! Don't you like 'em already?

Our Mutual Passion

Checked and belted! How much more better can this get eh? Tee-hee. Be it shirts or tube dresses, we really are loving this classic design, can?

I Love Lash

Nail polish remover wipes! How awesome is that? No need to go digging for those facial cotton to get rid of those colours already, just wipe and voila! Gone!

Al-humaira' Contemporary *Newbie*

More shawls! Tee-hee. And they are designed especially by her, for you! Now that's something, can? Makes it all one of a kind, unique and of course, limited in stocks as well too!

Like, seriously

Toga dresses yet again! And this time, they come with ruffles as well too! Woot! Now that's something ain't it? Tee-hee. Oh, I absolutely adore toga dresses!


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