Sunday, March 22, 2009

SPOTTED: French Kiss

Yup, more dual toned goodies! And this time, the top is lined as well too! Oo.. very pretty and perfect for both work and play! Woot! Me like it!

SPOTTED: Candee-licious

A corset and tutu all in one! Woot! Like isn't that just fab babes? Especially when everyone wants to get a piece of that tutu! It really does remind me of them ballet days

SPOTTED: Fascinate

More dresses and dual toned goodies! This time round, sleeveless striped top to match with a blue skirt! Tee-hee. Match it with that funky cincher there as well too!

SPOTTED: Fruity Sensation

A whole lot of goodies here! And would you check out that sexy LBD already? Tee-hee. Sure is something, no? Hurry to place your orders babes! Woot!

Rosette Couture

Funky statement tees going for only rm22 each! And if you purchase 2, it's only going for rm42! A fab deal, no? *winks* I'd definitely think so too! Tee-hee


Simple but colourful. Makes a top look fab, no? *grins* And oh, there's only one left, can? So do hurry before it's all gone! Woot! Goodies like these don't stay for long

SPOTTED: Cherwwy Closet

If it's one thing I miss seeing online, it has got to be the shorts! Or could it be because I'm in need of some at the mo? Tee-hee. Anyhow, they've got some great selections here! Come check it out!

SPOTTED: Dollykyande

Looks familiar? Tee-hee. Yup, the same prints, but they have it on a few designs of bags, can? Isn't that just fab babes? *grins* I personally like this one here!


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