Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SPOTTED: Miss Shopaholic's Closet

Only 30 buckaroos for this off shoulder top! And check out the uneven hemline there as well too. Isn't that soemthing? Tee-hee. I like a good bargain when I see one!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

Simple, but neverthless pretty! A little mini dress like this one here sure goes a long way. Even more with those 2 stripes there at the hemline too! Woot!

A Fashion Story

Know anyone who's turning 21? This would make the perfect gift! Tee-hee. The key to freedom and adulthood! Woot! Or.. it could mean something more personal to you as well

SPOTTED: Rainbow Curls

Not a dual toned dress, but this one here is a set! Purchase the blouse and skirt together for a better price! You save a total of rm15, can? Woot!

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

That sure is one pretty cardi alright! Striped, long and check out the slit at the sides there as well too! *giggles* Isn't that something already babes? I like it!

SPOTTED: The Sticker Monster

More of these polymer clay and bling stickers! Imagine the amount of fun you'll get when you have 'em! Oo.. so many projects popping in my head already!

Heaven For Angels

And even more off shoulder tops! Tee-hee. Looking great when matched with a tank top inside as well too, no? Go ahead and have fun with layering babes!

SPOTTED: Dramatic Bombshell

Check out the bows on this one here babes! Tee-hee. Looks almost tuxedo-like there, no? Especially if you get the white and black combo!

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

A long tee dress! And look closer at the details on this one here, its at the front and at the back as well too! Now, that is something we wanna own, can?


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