Sunday, March 8, 2009

Would you check out that blouse already? It's so pretty and classy, can? And they even got one in black. Which makes it all the more sexier! Woot!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Sporty is your middle name? She's got the clothes for that too! An off shoulder mini dress. Not something we see very often, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

More Gucci goodies eh? Looks like Coach is yester-year and Gucci is making its way here! And its coming in real fab colours as well too! Totally making a statement!

SPOTTED: Miss Shopaholic's Closet

A simple halter dress? Here it is! And it comes in many colours as well too! I totally like how the straps are with that keyhole feature there!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

More dual toned goodies! Well, this one here comes with checks and they sure are looking great aren't they? For work and for play! Either way, it's looking fab babes!

SPOTTED: Shopping Muffins

A red dress is always one to dazzle no matter what the occasion is. Even more when it comes with prints on the lower half like that. Woot!

SPOTTED: Iccy House

Of course, dual tone is great but try some tri-coloured dresses as well too! Combos like these sure make the colours blend together well alright!


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