Monday, March 2, 2009

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

It's big, it's roomy, it's just perfect to fit everything you wanna bring along with you! *grins* Hurry and get your hands on it before someone else does. The other colours have all been reserved!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Going back to basics with this new collection here. Totally adjustable in length and something like this is gonna look fab with the low cut LBD you got there alright

Shoppink Queen

They too are pre-ordering bags just for you! And we're really on the wild prints ride here with. More and more designs are coming in! You totally do not wanna miss out!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Not only catering for the girly girls, but also for those who just wanna let loose in a comfy top that reminds us so much of dear bf! Tee-hee

The Chocolate Buttons

A whole lot of cute and adorable pouches. Just nice to slip in that mobile, a couple of notes and a tube of lip gloss *grins* Sounds perfect when you're just out for a casual walk, no?

SPOTTED: Dr. Pizzicato

You've seen the top. Now they're giving you the dress! Totally Zara-inspired, can? *giggles* And it's versatile for both formal and casual occassions!


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