Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This time round, they bring you some necklaces babes! And they sure do come in interesting and one of a kind designs! *grins* Go check them out already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Eye Candy

Booties! And notice the quilted bit there? Isn't it gorgeous? Tee-hee. And in white too! How adorable is that babes? Like you so wanna get one already, no?

SPOTTED: Charming Chic

Ahh.. those hoodie with 'em faux fur! And it doesn't even cost you a 100 buckaroos! Isn't that great? Tee-hee. Perfect if you're heading somewhere chilly, no?

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

This one here, totally inspired by Jimmy Choo! And a red bag, that's sure got to be something, no? Not something we see every day babes!

SPOTTED: 3Clothes-Pin *Newbie*

Starting off with tees! And really affordable ones as well too babes!

SPOTTED: A Cuppa Tea

There she goes again painting more shoes! Tee-hee. And you even get to choose the kinda shoes you want, totally customised soley for you! Note the pun! Tee-hee

Wings of Fashione

Ahh.. if it isn't Mickey once more. And this time, all shiny and with bling too! *grins* I know there are plenty of Mickey fans out there, come and take a look see!


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