Saturday, March 7, 2009

SPOTTED: Tictactoe

If you're looking for lace goodies, here is where you can find them. And not your usual lacey skirts and all as well too! There's something different about the clothes they bring in here *winks*

Quadruple Queen

If a vintage touch is all you need, then this is the place to be! Some bow-licious hairclips sure will come in handy, no? *grins* And price totally includes shipping as well too!

SPOTTED: My Vintage Garden

Miss wearing those vests? Here's where you can get your hands on even more babes! *grins* And they're totally looking great as well too!

SPOTTED: April *Newbie*

This one here sure is one interesting piece, isn't it? A sporty look matched with a formal look on the inside! Who would have thought we could get the best of both worlds?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Reborn

Woot! You can get the entire outfit there already! The dress, the boots, the bag and even the wallet! And they're giving you a fab price for the whole set as well too!


More boots! And standing at a whooping four inches as well too, can? OMG, I totally adore boots and one pair, is way too little for me! Tee-hee. What say you?


You've seen them on belts and on the cuffs. Now we even got them on our shoes! *grins* Totally in the rockstar mood aren't we babes? Tee-hee. Loving it!

It Must be Paradise

A sheer black cardi! Didn't I see that in Zara or somewhere? Pardon my goldfish memory but hey, something like this is totally awesome for layering purposes, no?

ESN Clothing

Look closer and you'll totally see the Peter Pan collars there, can? *grins* Yup, they're big on this little dress here and that's what makes it look awesome, no?

The Attire's Attic

Skinny jeans going for only rm54! And they totally resemble the pair I got from GAP, which didn't quite come so affordable. But hey, grab it while stocks last, can?!

The Closette

A pink pinafore! That's like totally adorable already, can? The colour itself is sweet and when paired in this design, voila! You so wanna own it!


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