Sunday, April 12, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Oh My Clothes!

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

There's a pretty little dress there. And a good deal of artwork on it as well too, no? And to complement it with the ruffled hemline there too! *grins* Ain't that just perfect?

Or if you must, how about some tops? A plain coloured one but totally shows off that hot bod? Or something with 'em prints to describe your personality? *winks*

And how can you miss out on those dual toned dresses? *grins* With 'em bustier or with 'em zippers, they're totally one awesome dress just waiting to be taken home babes! Your home, of course! *giggles*

And if you just wanna keep it simple, they have that too! A sleek black number, reminds us of those ever so sought after leggings, no? Or a real sweet piece in white! Looks like they've got it all covered!

And more additions to their collections! Bags! *grins* Real unique designs there and definitely something you'd wanna have for a change, eh?

Or perhaps even some shoes to go with that too! Woot! Now, aren't you curious about what else they have to offer? Tee-hee. I bet 'cha!

Here's the deal! Rebates for all their last pieces items here! *click*

1 item = RM5 rebate
2 items = RM15 rebate
3 items = RM30 rebate

Go have a blast shopping now babes! *winks* While I slave away with more books. Boo..


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