Wednesday, April 22, 2009


SPOTTED: A Party Dress

It sure isn't every day that we get to see a green top like this one here alright *grins* And what more with the whole turtleneck feature there as well too! I think this is awesome!

SPOTTED: Kazee Boutique

This one here looks great with the prints but wait till you see the back! Adds more reasons to why you wanna make this purchase already. Tee-hee


Checkered and even comes with a belt to match it too! No need to go hunting for that perfect cincher just for this dress here already, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Maggie's Trinket Box

It has been a while since I've come across these chandelier earrings, can? They look gorgeous especially when you tuck your hair behind your ear *grins* And they do remind me of Bollywood alright!

SPOTTED: The Arrogant Minnie

An interesting name for a blogshop there, no? Tee-hee. And what a great oriental piece! I totally like it! *grins* Especially the keyhole feature there as well too

SPOTTED: Party n Mint

Back to basics with these tube tops here babes! Simple and nevertheless stylish all at one go! That's what we like best about 'em right? *grins*


A whole new collection up for grabs! I specifically loike the red one here. It's simple and very versatile at the same time too, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Snazzy-Sally

Floral goods forever more! And on satin backgrounds like these, how can you refuse it? Especially the one in black contrasting the flowers there! I think it's great!

The MTM Shop

Purple can definitely be the next black alright. It's not too formal nor too casual. It's actually kinda sexy like that too *grins* With or without accessories, I think it looks awesome!

Shop with Narnia

A little Guess inspired sling bag there eh? Tee-hee. And this isn't the onlyone. I saw some fancy patchwork by LV as well too! You so gotta check it out alright

SPOTTED: Wow!!! EeksMine

We got 'em Peter Pan collars and we have these bibs as well too! How cute there eh? Tee-hee. Really, the collar makes a whole lot difference to the look ya know

SPOTTED: BlushBerry Boutique

Don't get overly surprised now, yup it's her from BlushBerry now selling goodies as well too! And are they awesome or what? Tee-hee. Great choices there but totally limited in number!

Gifts Gallore

And you thought they were only made of porcelein. Think again! They can be all cutesy and huggable as well too! And this is where you can get a whole load of huggables!


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