Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SPOTTED: Chocolate Toast *Newbie*

An entire outfit for sale! And not only that, some of the goodies are from the land down under, can? Ain't that just fab news babes? Tee-hee. I totally am loving it already!

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

A houndstooth pantsuit, can? *grins* Who would have thought we'd find something like this? And not only so, check out the ruffles all the way on this one!


Shoes galore over here babes! In the basic colours of black and white, how can you say no to this pair of yummy pumps! *giggles* Get them while stocks last!

A Bit of Everything

A whole bunch of coins as a ring! Woot! You definitely got the moolah rolling in with this one here babes! Tee-hee. It might just be your lucky charm!


And even more studded goodies! *grins* And with that wooden heel there, this is sure a pair of killer heels alright! Woot! And we like 'em so!

Twilight Pre-order

Denim and corset-like? Wow.. it sure is a sexy-licious piece there already, no? Tee-hee. I for one, totally think so! It's awesome how they factor in the corset-like feature!

SPOTTED: I Loike *Newbie*

More funky tees for us! And I like this one. How funky eh? Tee-hee. We're sure to be expecting more from them alright! Woot! Go and see what else they've got babes!

The Milkyland

We sure have a lot of checks on the goodies alright! And yet, it never fails to amaze me how the same patterns and prints can transform into so many kind of clothes!

The Aura

Remember seeing these? Now they're for sale as well too! Woot! Ain't that just fab news babes? If you missed them at the bazaar, fret not! You can get 'em here!

SPOTTED: Xanadu *Newbie*

Here are more bags babes! And would you fancy one in this shade? *grins* Really, it is something extraordinary, no? And am totally loving it as well too!


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