Saturday, April 25, 2009

SPOTTED: Lazy Shoppers

Long tees seem to be in favour nowadays. Probably cuz they complement the leggings, can? Tee-hee. And it is a great look anyway. Throw on some accessories and grab a bag! Voila!

SPOTTED: Piperlips

It has been a while since I saw vests for sale but coming across something like this one here sure is a first for me alright! Don't you agree? A rather artsy flair into it, no?

SPOTTED: Shoppink Queen

If you're a bag collector, these pre-order blogs sure ought to tickle your fancy! Especially when the prices are so affordable you can purchase a few without hitting 100 bukaroos!

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

Yet another bag inspired by the big brands! This time, its a Fendi! And check out the designs on it, can? Sure is something interesting to consider *winks*

ESN Clothing

Yes, and more off shoulder long tees. I reckon more and more people are sporting this look nowadays, no? Looking good without trying too hard! I like it!

SPOTTED: Elegant Extravaganza

Ahh.. yet another double belted one! Sure does add personality to your looks when you got something like that alright. No more plain outfits!

Sugar Poppins

It definitely has been way too long since they last updated alright! But they're back with more and starting off with a little sneak preview with this one here!

My Vintage Garden

Halter maxi dress and check out the designs on this one here. A mesh of floral patterns all over. The colour play is great! Definitely one of a kind maxi dress alright


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