Friday, May 15, 2009

Newbies of the day!

SPOTTED: Revampz


Yups, yet another black high waisted skirt just for you ladies! Tee-hee. I certainly need some now that I got to work. Though work is pretty fun, but these classic skirts are not to be missed!

SPOTTED: Chic Vigilante


Plenty of abstract art goodies are up for grabs babes! On dresses or even tube tops like these here! Woot! Definitely the new design other than the usual floral and polka, no?

SPOTTED: Simple Kinda Something


Tee-hee. I like this one here. Simple, but totally the fashionista in you with this one here, no? *grins* I’d sure think so! Love dresses that are simple. They really make styling and accessorizing so much easier and fun!

SPOTTED: Happy Baby Lamb


Are you a Harajuku fan? This one here sure hits the spot alright! Especially when you’re a tee shirt kinda babe. Like me! *grins* I’d love to have one, but can’t decide on which!

SPOTTED: Bespoke


Choose your own fabric, design your own shirt! This time, strictly for the boys only, can? Woot! This must be a field day for you lads, no? *giggles* Definitely something to look forward to, the men’s collection online boom!


Your sister in shopping