Friday, May 29, 2009

The post that was meant to be..

This was so meant to be last night till the lappie went poof! Le sigh..

Anyhow, here’s attempt #2! Btw, they’re all newbies, can? Woot!

SPOTTED: Moon Bow Boutique


I always love seeing these kinda layouts. Really makes everything look the more interesting, can? Tee-hee. I loike it! They even got some sunnies as well too, no? *grins* A whole outfit in one page!

SPOTTED: Nafa Groovie


Missing colours in your wardrobe? Then here’s one that you can start with! Especially since the weekend is here, we’re totally gonna have fun with something like this here aren’t we? *grins*

SPOTTED: Lil Pink Closet


Now we’ve seen this almost everywhere, can? Always the knitted bit in white and this time, it’s in black! It sure is a big hit alright.I’ve been seeing goodies like these all over the place! Woot!

SPOTTED: Ur Hanger


Ahh.. when we have too much of them black and white dresses, time for something more natural like this one here, can? It’s definitely simple and somewhat classy as well too! Woot! What say you?

SPOTTED: DollyMooMoo


Them bf shirts don’t come in stripes only, can? Check ‘em out for prints too! All these goodies are ready stocked so no worries about having to wait too long for the arrivals to reach you babes!

SPOTTED: Bikinis in Martinis


Always adored those VS bikinis? Now you can get your hands on ‘em because they are offering you pre-order! Woot! This is my personal favourite! There are more from where that came from of course *winks*

SPOTTED: Poppy Love


More tees are up for grabs babes! And I love them white tees! Because they look fab to go with some denim, can? And I’ve got plenty, which explains why I keep getting more and more white tees!

SPOTTED: Get Attracted

10- starburst

Add some effects to those camwhore shots babes! These jelly lenses sure are a cool add on to our favourite hobby! This is just one of the many! There are 9 other lens with 9 other fab effects! Check ‘em out!

SPOTTED: Cookie Shirts


And even more goodies for the boys! Tees all around! And I saw some real awesome ones with comic on it, can? Tee-hee. Now that’s what we’re talking about! Come on boys, shop online too!


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