Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shop with a cause!

Hey babes, I’ve got this thought. If we could enjoy shopping online and do something fab in line with that, what would you do? Since ASD is growing, it should involve plenty more than just shopping, no?

Name me some suggestions and drop it as comment or even e-mail me about it!

You never know, we can make it all come to play babes! So what say you? Got a burning passion for a certain cause? Animal welfare? The elderly? The homeless? Just name it and be rewarded!

Looking forward to your feedback!


Your sister in shopping


Penny said...

I have soft spots for animal welfare and the elderly folks. As a seller, we can do donations of proceeds towards such causes. It's a simple idea that's been done many times before, but it's workable and meaningful nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Every clothing purchased is exchanged with one (or more) old clothes.. to be donated to the orphanage. Im sure most of us have preloved/unwanted/unused clothes at some corner of our wardrobe. Works best with COD though since postage is expensive. Can be encouraged with small discounts. If no clothing is exchanged the proceeds of the discount can go to charity.