Saturday, May 16, 2009

SPOTTED: Atelier


Checks are in the scene once more. Have you had your taste of checks? No worries, here’s where you can get some simple dresses with ‘em. Really does remind me of school some how. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Party n Mint


Here’s something else I wouldn’t mind seeing plenty. Tees! *grins* I totally adore tees, especially white ones, though they take a little extra care to keep them in tip top condition. But totally worth it!

SPOTTED: Shop For Less *Newbie*


And I was just saying.. Tee-hee. Only going for rm15! Grab it or not? A few colours to choose from if you really do not want a white tee *grins* While stocks last yea

SPOTTED: Wonderartcreativ

Picture 0870

Fedoras galore! Plain ones, plaid ones, which shall it be this time?  Maybe you can get a few to see how it’s like eh? *grins* After all, we don’t see much around online anymore!

SPOTTED: The Recessionista


Elizabeth Arden, anyone? They are currently having a blast with their new collection, all make up goodies! And this ain’t the only brand in the game! Check out what else is there before they’re all gone!

SPOTTED: Seventh Day

447001 White

Hand knitted for the lovely you. Loving the meticulous details they have got there already, no? And would look totally fab if you’re the kind to go for layering!

SPOTTED: Our Beauty Diary


More slings? A little more of the old school look with this one here, eh? But hey, with these kinda stuff you will never go wrong in any scene! Woot! In fact, it’s unique!

SPOTTED: Charming Pieces


She’s back and with new stuff and also a new style to it! Lace coupled with a key charm and beads? Now why didn’t we think of that earlier eh? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Dollykyande

951 white n green

We’ve seen this so many times. And they keep coming out in different sizes and designs! It’s almost like a brand new collection ala LV, no? Tee-hee


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