Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPOTTED: Bling Bling *Newbie*

DSC09854 copy

Accessories galore! Tee-hee. You’re sure to find something that’s unique here with their creations alright! Simple, trendy, funky, colourful, sweet, you name it, they’ve got it! *winks*

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon


Eyelet playsuit. Tee-hee. Sweet and fun all in one! And to think it was all sweet blair-ish style when we encounter eyelets! This is a revolution in clothes babes! Woot! Embrace it!

SPOTTED: Room 8008


A polka dotted corset, can? Like where else would you find something like that! *grins* They’ve got it plain as well too, but I reckon goodies like these are what makes a hit! What say you?

SPOTTED: Colors City Shop


Carry your pouch or mobile in style with these custom made bags! And not only that, if you’re into arts and crafts, they’re selling books about them as well too! Woot! Check them out, while stocks last alright!

SPOTTED: Allaven


An outfit that costs less than 100 bucks! Woot! And the top there, you can totally fold in the sleeves and make it a strappy top! Tee-hee. We love clothes like these don’t we? *winks*

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters


This year, its all about them studs! On shoes, belts and everything else. Woot! They’re taking orders for restocks, so better hurry if you wanna get some aight *winks* Before they really, really sell out in every colour!


antique me 5

A simple dress complete with two side pockets. Or make it a long top paired with leggings. Or how about tuck it in to some high waisted skirt? There are just so many ways to wear this one here alright!


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