Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SPOTTED: Doublewoot


Looks like the new trend are artsy and abstract designs, can? Not only that, Doublewoot is so offering you 10% discount in conjunction with their one year anniversary! Woot! Like go check it out already!

SPOTTED: Hugs & Kisses


Ahh.. more Juicy goodies. Man, I love how they provide you with the basics and make them look so good and adorable! After all, it’s goodies like these that are worth investing in, no?

SPOTTED: Dollykyande


Fancy a clutch with checks? And not to forget that cute little ribbon there as well too. Tee-hee. I totally loike it. simple, chic and totally handy to bring along where ever we go!

SPOTTED: Twinkle Collection


Is that Mickey there I see? Tee-hee. The classic mouse icon that have captured the hearts of many! Now available in accessories and bling bling of all kinds too! You so need to check this out if you’re a Disney fan alright!

SPOTTED: Excess Baggage


Chanel sure made it big when they released this collection. Every girl all around the world wants to have one of these! And not only that, so many variations to choose from you just wanna own it all already!

SPOTTED: No Plain Jane


Ahh.. love ‘em shoes, can? Looks like we’re paying lots of attention to the feet these days. And hey, a good pair of shoes sure makes a whole lot of difference. Don’t you think so too babes?

SPOTTED: Garde-Robe

Picnik collage

Ahh.. how can we forget about the bf dressing? I remember it was about a year go when everyone started having one of these. And now, a year later, we still want these! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Your Personal Stylista *Newbie*

New Folder11

Woot! Check out that shade of green there already! Something like this sure is gonna guarantee that you stand out in the crowd alright. What say you? Try it? *winks* Come on babes, experiment!


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