Sunday, May 24, 2009

SPOTTED: La’ Belle

Confidence hearty dress 

Love all things with bows? She sure has got some lovely selection for you alright *winks* A sexy number or a real sweet dress? Either way, the bow has managed to make it in the scene, no? Tee-hee


Or are you one for the Peter Pan collars? Oh my, sure haven’t seen them in a while already alright! I totally miss ‘em! And check this other one out as well too! Sure is adorable, can?

miss bossy

Or are you more of the smart casual kind ababe? Something like this would totally do the trick then *winks* I loike it! Something unconventional and unqiue! For work or play, you decide alright!


And oh, how could you miss out on these uber cute pinafores? Tee-hee. And them pockets there as well too? You so gotta own it babes! Now! Before other shoppers get their hands on ‘em!

 Ribbon Chiffon IMG_1329

Missing out on ‘em prints? Fret not, they’re plenty here for you to choose from as well too! Which will it be for you babes? They’re all looking good that you don’t know where to start, can? Tee-hee


Or stripes is more of your thing? Love how they don’t have the stripes at the middle area to totally minimize that waistline making you slim, fit and totally gorgeous *winks*

 sugar coated 

Or more prints? Tee-hee. Man, we’re totally spoilt for choice now aren’t we babes? I bet you are and you can’t wait to see more. So head on over and check out the goodies, while stocks last! Woot!


Your sister in shopping

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