Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SPOTTED: Mezzanine


We don’t need those heels all the time, sometimes these will do our feet some justice from all those pointies, no? Tee-hee. Plus, they look equally as good as well too, no?

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell


There we have yet another mini skirt but this time check out the zipper, its at the side, not the front or the back! How fab, can? Tee-hee. Surely this is something new for us to have, no?



Yup, there’s another pair of shoes that get your feet itching for more alright *grins* Don’t you think so? Tee-hee. Sure would love to have more yummy-licious wedges like these one here alright!

SPOTTED: Mon Cheriex


Ahh.. bask in the sun why don’t you senorita? Tee-hee. Nothing but a simple halter dress for the lovely you. And basics are what we’re crazy about, no? *grins* Available in shades of classic white and black as well too!

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique


Eyelets a plenty with this top over here. Guarantee to look fantabulous when paired with some skinny jeans, don’t you think so? *grins* I’d like one of these alright! Sweet and dainty, all in one piece!


lc (3)

More maxis galore! And they’re going for only rm49, can? Man, some of the shoes we see cost way more than a maxi dress! The prices sure are affordable when it comes to clothes, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Threadbarn

Stretch of Pop-purple

Fancy a pair of purple leggings babes? *grins* Sure is out of the ordinary for us, no? But hey, something being unique is what style is all about. Dare you try this look babes? *winks* Come on, you never know, it might just be your next favourite thing!


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