Friday, May 22, 2009

SPOTTED: My Vintage Garden

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And to think they’re all gone, think again! There are definitely some more of these glad flats alright *grins* Aren’t you glad you found more glads? Note the pun *winks* Available in other colours as well too!



Yup, more of them dual toned goodies alright and it doesn’t stop there! Note the cincher? *grins* That’s totally for sale as well too! Get the whole outfit right here babes! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Kaffeklatchshopping

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Stilettos we’ve seen plenty but some wooden ones like these? *grins* Sure is a first for me and I’ma loving it lots already babes. What say you? Tee-hee. Looking good there already, can?

SPOTTED: Coach Bargains


A Coach hobo bag! All goodies are ready stock and no waiting is required. Get your brand new, authentic goodies right here babes! Tee-hee. What are you waiting for? Grab it before it’s all sold!

SPOTTED: Dr. Pizzicato


Ahh.. more abstract art goodies up for grabs, can? *grins* And not only that, it sure does remind me of some high school sweater as well too, no? Tee-hee. I loike it! What about you?

SPOTTED: Baby Be Dazzled


More maxi dresses are available for the lovely you. Especially if you’re of model height, these would definitely look fab on you, can? I’ma envy you ladies! I need a couple of inches more!

SPOTTED: Maharani *Newbie*


Like I was saying right, more maxi dresses. Tee-hee. I love the variety in colours and designs all over! It’s just fab and there’s something for everyone! We’re always so spoilt for choice!

SPOTTED: Suay Mak Mak


What a lovely dress, can? I think something like this would look fab both for work or for play! Tee-hee. Especially with that funky design there as well too. I love it!


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