Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SPOTTED: Purple Charms

So Blair Waldrof, no? Six different colours for you to choose from as well too *grins* Now, which shall it be? Or would you like to have all six? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Seems like them hoodies and them cardis are the old story! Everyone wants a biker jacket nowadays, no? *grins* And why not? It's totally the most stylish piece I've come across!


Here we go babes, plenty of shirts for you and in plain white as well too! Now that's what we like best, no? Tee-hee. Not too much of the bf style but just nice for the ladies!

SPOTTED: Dusky Wings

A pair of suede peep toes there sure does wonders, no? Ahh.. I'm seeing more shoes than clothes these days and am so caught up in the trend! So wanna buy more!


It's a piece of accessory alright and also a pen drive! Now that's something we ought to have. A functional accessory! Woot! Bring more in!

SPOTTED: Seventh Day

A simple tank top definitely, but also one that has a great cut out on the back there too! Woot! Now that's what we like, no? A little extra edge on a basic top

SPOTTED: Syiok Sendiri *Newbie*

Now that's definitely a first for me to see LV all over a doggie! Tee-hee. And they've got another one with stripes as well too! Woot! All quirky designs, more!

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

It's amazing how she gets so many checked goodies, can? Shirts, bf dressing, dresses and everything else! She's got 'em all, trust me! Go check 'em out!

Dr. Pizzicato

Yup, plenty of them high waisted skirts are available just for you babes! In black or in brown? which shall it be this time? Oh, we're so spoilt for choice, can?


Crazy for shoes are we now? *grins* We're definitely getting more choices than ever, no? And we're so loving it as well too! Woot! Sooner or later, we're gonna need more shoe cupboards than anything else

SPOTTED: Felitious Paradise *Newbie*

Ahh, some heart-shaped goodies on 'em cinchers as well too eh? Tee-hee. Why not right? Especially when we've got so many clothes to match this one with!


Your sister in shopping

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