Friday, May 15, 2009

SPOTTED: Soak Republic


They sure got some interesting designs for bags there, no? Totally fab for the whole bring-your-own-bag (BYOB) promo! Do your part, save the environment while you shop! Woot!

SPOTTED: Tictactoe


They say, the best things comes in threes. I wonder, is it the same when it comes to colours on our clothes as well? You be the judge, but I for one, definitely think it’s a great combo!

SPOTTED: The It Girl


Make buttons your best friend with this uber cute and sweet dress here! Sporting two very big buttons as a fashion statement there, you totally cannot go wrong with this one here alright!

SPOTTED: Shopping Playground


Oh baby, baby twist and shout! Tee-hee. Yup, they have ‘em tube tops like that again! I really miss seeing them around and I was looking through my wardrobe, I realised I don’t have any tube tops to wear!



Oh yea, they got ‘em brass goodies there alright! And ain’t that just adorable? A little birdie in a cage complete with ribbon and pearl to add on a dash of sweetness! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

2008112522527406 5.5 cm_thumb[2]

Ooo.. So pweety! Complete with the pink hearts and swirls in there as well? Ain’t that just the best babes? I’ma loving it already! Woot!


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