Thursday, June 4, 2009

FREE Gucci Bag up for grabs! - TAKE NOTE

As the owner of the e-shop is unable to clarify the authenticity of the bags, I'm very sorry to announce that the contest will be closed. I appreciate all your great enthusiasm and heartfelt stories. Truly sorry for the inconvenience. This will not repeat again in the future. Thank you for understanding


Since you’ve all voted, there’ll be an ongoing contest for all ASD readers every month!

To kick start this, we have.. *drum rolls*

A FREE Gucci bag to be given away! Woot!


Sui Sui Bag has been bringing in all sorts of Gucci bags and they sure are looking good. Now, you can stand a chance to take one home for FREE!
All you need to do is drop me an e-mail with the title: "GUCCI WHO? THE SUI SUI GUCCI!".

Tell me which is your favourite Gucci bag brought to you by Sui Sui Bag and why you should be the one to take one home for free
Easy enough? *grins* Get started! Contest ends on the 15th of June 09. Only one entry per person!

Oh, the prize: Gucci Signature Boho Satchel Shoulder Bag (Single handle)

picture4 029

*colour may vary depending on availability*


Your sister in shopping


Concerned Reader said...

hi there,

i have read about this suisuibag from FT and i think that it's better for you to ask suisuibag to clarify whether or not the bags are authentic or replica to avoid misleading readers as selling and promoting replica are offenses under the law.

Anonymous said...

are the suisui bags authentic or not? it is not stated at the website and the prices are awfully low for such high-end designer bags. can you clarify this?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but when I first saw this contest, I doubt it's authentic. I don't think anyone would give out authentic bags.

ps. said...

oh come on just to be fair for the contest which has already been canceled anyway, she was giving away a free bag nonetheless. Authentic or not, it was given away for free so i don't think critical comments should be made about the contest or about her products. it's not like she's forcing u to join or wtv.

Anonymous said...

how would you feel paying over RM500+ for a bag that was fake in the first place? i asked her about the authenticity and she assured me it's authentic but defected, thus the low price. YEAH RIGHT. the minute i ask her whether she minds if i would to bring the bag to the respective boutique to verify before buying, she stopped replying. suisuibag, please don't go around telling ppl ur bags are authentic but when it comes to verifying, u go missing. pity those who spend RM800+ on the Gucci

Anonymous said...

Hi,I would like to clarify the Gucci bags she sells is not authentic. I saw in purseforum when i google suisuibag someone had it authenticate

Anonymous said...

she has begin selling vuitton bags now. everyone out there who has an authentic neverfull will know the serial flap is not that way as i have mine to double check. anyone who has bought from her and with proof that she said "its authentic reject" can file a police report if she doesnt want to give you your money back. i have checked with sister who works in a law firm (not a lawyer though :p).
i strongly recommend someone to stop her asap and i believe if reviewers blog get together to stop her it can be prevented.
ps:// sorry i could not reveal my real name as i do not wish any of her fans out there come spam me!

Anonymous said...

For those who had bought from her. Pls advise how should they do pls. Thanks....

ps. said...

Technically, if it is authentic but defected, it means that the goods are not even meant to be for sale in the stores, which is why you're getting it for RM500 and not RM1500? Even if you bring it to the shop, it won't be considered as authentic, thus it's called "defected". In other words, it's a rejected article. It's not even suppose to be ON SALE or FOR SALE. Which means, if anyone of you bought from SuiSui bag, you are as liable to be charged/fine by the law and Gucci can sue you. Defected goods are suppose to be destroyed according to company policies.

I have not bought anything from her nor am I related to her in any way but just to be fair, if you all think she's really ripped you off by lying to you, then report it to Fashion Truth. But I don't understand why most of you choose to appear under "Anonymous" if you have nothing to fear because you know you're in the right?

Anyhow, i feel sorry for you if you've been cheated. If you really think you've been ripped off because she made false claims or failed to live up to her promises, perhaps you should continue pursuing her. After all, her blog is still alive.