Thursday, June 11, 2009

SPOTTED: Alphabet Closet


Hey isn’t that the character featured in Marc Jacobs’ goodies? And now we have it on a tee as well too? Well I’ll be! That just is superb news to me! *grins* Better hurry to place your orders while stocks last *winks*

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story


Princess in you. Something like this sure matches that personality, can? And it makes a good gift as well too. Tee-hee. Especially when it’s for that special someone you totally cherish! Woot!

SPOTTED: Chic N Clever


Plenty of bags that are perfect for going to the beach up for grabs! *grins* How could you not want something like that, right? Plenty of compartments and big enough to house everything you need!

SPOTTED: Couture and Doll

Hopscotch Grey Front

Ahh.. yet another playful piece there for us babes! Lovin’ that sash there as well too! *grins* Even of you’ve got like so many pantsuits already, this one more sure wouldn’t be too much would it?

SPOTTED: Magico House


Time for more t-bar flats! Enough of them heels for a while already. Having these will sure soothe those feet and look good all at the same time! This is really great, don’t you think so babes?

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl


Not to be fooled by the outlook here, wait till you check out that sexy back that they’ve got there *grins* Plus, you do know they make their own goodies, no? Woot! Totally limited and one of a kind too!

SPOTTED: Think Glamz


Summer time can’t do without them floral prints babes! And here’s one that’s looking real sweet there already *grins* Of course, this ain’t the only one they’ve got there. More to come! Woot!

SPOTTED:  I Love Wonderland


And more yummy-licious goodies for this summer with some strawberry earrings! Tee-hee. Aren’t they just adorable? Man, they’ve got so many of them food miniaturesthat they look almost good enough to eat!

SPOTTED: Stephanie’s


And she’s back with more creations, this time themed around Mother Nature. Aww.. ain’t that just great? I love them warm colours and simple charms. Just what I need *grins*

SPOTTED: Voguespeaks

Picture 020    

And with all that craze about ‘em studs, here are more on a tee! Surely you don’t wanna miss out on this one here you rocker chick *winks* A good piece to own at a great price! Woot!


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