Thursday, June 18, 2009

SPOTTED: Green Bananas


Real good combo of colours there for this cardi, no? And yes it comes with a hoodie as well too. And would you believe it that its going for less than rm30?! Oh my! This sure is a good deal babes!

SPOTTED: Tinkerbelle

vintage frames3

Always wanted a pair of those vintage glasses? Now you can have ‘em! Looking fab for photoshoot there, can? Tee-hee. Or you can get lens to be fitted to it as well too! Woot! This is a great find, no?

SPOTTED: Mischief Inc


Summer splashes with this one here already babes! So colourful and totally perfect for the summer theme! *grins* I sure do love a good pair of bikini with these prints here alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Handbag Charms *Newbie*


Always wanted those handbag charms? Now you can have ‘em! They’re totally a practical gift as well too! Plus, not everyone has it and everyone should have at least one! Woot! Aren’t you glad you stumbled upon this?

SPOTTED: Cute Clip *Newbie*


Check out those flowers there. Aww.. aren’t they adorable? And going for a real fab price as well too, can? You sure don’t wanna miss out on these here. Of course, plenty more choices from where those came from

SPOTTED: Bunch of Wildflowers


And even more floral goodies to make your day! Here are some dresses that look absolutely perfect when it comes to tea parties, no? *giggles* I’d sure think so babes! Stock up on floral goodies this summer!

SPOTTED: Magico House


Time for more flatties! They’re good on the feet and of course, look fab as well too! We don’t always got to have them heels, no? Shoes like these make a great collection as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic


Sure is an awesome way to spell adorable there, can? *grins* And these are the 2-finger rings that are ever so sought after! Available in 3 different colours, better hurry if you don’t wanna miss out!


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