Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SPOTTED: Little Mizz Petite

Mizz Sexy in Dots Black

And of course, the more babydoll tops we see the better babes! After all it is summer time, no? Truth be told, I haven’t seen a babydoll top in ages already! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity


Hey there, yet another pair of peep toes, can? And this one here isn’t the common plain ones we’re used to seeing it alright! Check out those prints there. Ain’t it pretty? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Moi Closette


Fancy a tube top or a corset? This one here sure does the job alright! *grins* A swirl on one side to emphasis the tulip neckline there, sure is one piece you ought to have there babes!

SPOTTED: Our Beauty Diary


Ooo.. shiny.. me likey! Tops like these sure are great when you hit the dance floor, no? *grins* Especially when you’re dancing together with your girlfriends! Be the limelight of the show!

SPOTTED: Purple Charms


More cinchers babes! Now instead of the usual butterflies we got ‘em flowers here too babes! Now isn't this just fab? Tee-hee. Plenty of other cinchers designs available as well too

SPOTTED: Room 8008


Now, now the skirts and studs? How can you possibly say no to that already aight? *grins* Sure is something we would love to have there, no? All lined up at the sides of the pocket!

SPOTTED: Creme Brulee Fashion


Ooo.. pretty earrings and I hear they’re going for a price so low you wouldn’t mind getting all of ‘em instead of just one pair, can? Tee-hee. What say you babes? Hurry before they’re sold out alright



Starstruck with this one here, no? Isn’t this one here looking fab with them blings there already babes? I’ma lovin’ it! *grins* Totally would wanna own this one and I hear that the numbers are limited!

SPOTTED: Crafted by Mei

IMG_2422 copy

Blue sure is their theme colour when it comes to making accessories and such, no? *grins* Plus, no one ever said that blue flowers aren’t gorgeous! They really look fab here, don’t you think so? Tee-hee


Your sister in shopping

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