Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SPOTTED: Magico Shoes *Newbie*


Tee-hee. Sure looks great for a pair of pumps like this one here, can? *winks* I totally love it! Soft grey and nothing too loud. Something subtle but looking fab all at the same time! Now, that’s a great pair of shoes!

SPOTTED: The Twinz


Headbands being the “IN” thing thanks to Gossip Girl and now we see them in all varieties! From bows to studs to now, feathers as well too! Woot! Do we love to watch the fashion evolution or what? *winks*

SPOTTED: Perfect Scent


Now this goes without introduction already, can? Tee-hee. It’s a well know scent among many and we just can’t get enough of it! What more when they come with a more affordable price tag as well too!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl


High waisted shorts in pink too? *giggles* Now that sure is cute alright. Sure reminds me of them childhood days with this one here, no? I loike it! Dare you wear this sweet little thing out? *winks*



Now of course clothes aren’t all they got. They’ve got some lovely cinchers here as well too. Looking real good and classy there, can? Especially in those colours. How can you not wanna own a piece already?

SPOTTED: Dovey Lovey


Loving them graffiti goodies to the max babes! What say you? I definitely wanna get my hands on something like this one here alright *grins* I’m totally in the mood for shopping! Woot!

SPOTTED: The Kooky Thing

Copy of DSC_1001

You know what, I’ve got a pair of pumps just like these here in the inverse colours! Tee-hee. And I totally adore those pumps alright. Very retro yet at the same time looking fab with jeans too!


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