Thursday, June 25, 2009

SPOTTED: Shopping Queen

Ahh.. I noticed polka dots are all around and also that pussy bow there as well too! Now what a great combo to have them both mixed together like that eh? *grins* Sure is a fab match alright! What say you?

SPOTTED: Cattique

Hey you know what, I got a top with this statement! And haven’t worn it in a while already, wonder where did I chuck it too? This one totally gets people checking out the statement alright and of course, sharing their two cents worth about you!

SPOTTED: Heaven for Angels

Ahh! More tees! I love tees, like who hasn’t heard me say that 3750437498032 times already. Oops! Tee-hee. But I really do! They’re comfy, they come with cool designs and statements, how can you not want them?

SPOTTED: Dr.Pizzicato

Simple tank tops are up for grabs! And they come with a little Abercrombie logo at the side there as well too! Go check it out for yourself and grab a couple of these while you’re at it!

SPOTTED: Alphabet Closet

Liking the top? Or the shorts? The good news is, both are for sale! And if you like the whole look, you can have it! While stocks last of course *grins* Check out what other designs they’ve got for them high waisted shorts as well too!

SPOTTED: Marshmallow


Woot! Velvet peep toe pumps, can? And in purple! One of the top favourite colours for us, no? And man, do we miss her updates or what! I sure do! Can’t wait to see more! Tee-hee. What say you?

SPOTTED: Tipsy Gypsy

Woot! More skirts! And my, are they looking fab or what? And its totally limited as well too, so if you really like it, then you ought to hurry to own it already babes! Like, now, NOW!

SPOTTED: Snazzy Sally

That whole trench coat feature on this one here, sure does look pretty awesome, can? *grins* And to have it in purple, sure is a rare opportunity! Of course, available in all the classic shades as well too!

SPOTTED: Prettify

Cecil 2 in 1 Jewellery & Watch Box

Lookie here! Those cosmetic cases are up for sale! I loike it! Plenty of compartments, just awesome for us to organise our goodies, no? *grins* I’d sure do wanna have one. Plenty more choice from where this is came from alright!

SPOTTED: Simple Kinda Something

Dual tone and with ruffles to match! Aww.. that sure is some awesome design, can? Sure does look good when paired with them denim skinnies alright! What say you? Grab one for yourself already? *winks*

SPOTTED: Catfights & Limelights *Newbie*

Yup, them dual toned goodies have just gotten sexier and hotter than ever before! Woot! And hey, looks like everyone seems to be going with the masquerade party, can? Tee-hee. I’ma wanna join too!


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