Friday, June 5, 2009

SPOTTED: Voguespeak

Picture 012

Ahh.. if it isn’t that high society eyelet dress once more. Tee-hee. And couple up with a smocked waist and buttons there as well too, can? This sure is a keeper! Very vintage-ish as well too, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Stylisters


Electric blue, once termed the new black hasn’t lost that touch much, can? We have yet another dress here looking gorgeous and check out those chiffon sleeves there already! Woot! Looking good there *grins*

SPOTTED: Tasty Cherry Chapstick


And you thoughts all zipper dresses came in plain colours alone. Nope, think again! They even got some in floral designs and the zipper is so well hidden, can? I loike it! Good to see them back in action as well too!


Bracelet 02- June

Bringing lots of new charms into their mix, can? Not just the usual shapes but now we even got these dolls which are looking uber adorable! Tee-hee. This is just one of the many designs waiting for you to be checked out!

SPOTTED: Paperbox Couture


Candy striped knee length socks! And imagine if we could have worn these to school, can? That would be so cool! But the weather here might make us all sweaty though. Hmm.. perhaps wearing these overseas would be awesome!

SPOTTED: Simpli-cious


Babydoll dresses with braided straps! And they’re going only for rm30 each there babes! This sure is a steal, no? I’ma loving it there already! Tee-hee. Man, it has been a while since I saw these and wore one of these!

SPOTTED: Fruity Sensation


Ah yes..there are the says where I just want some pants, a tee and sneakers. The casual sporty look without looking under dressed. Something like this here would be perfect babes! Woot! I loike!

SPOTTED: White Label

p- 1614-5

Check out that bow on that dress already! Tee-hee. And not to forget that awesome colour. Ahh.. we should have more of these non-traditional colours. After all, they’re versatile and makes you unique too!

SPOTTED: Itsy Beadsy


More rings! Love the way they paired it like that, can? And also a white flower to it as well. Lovely, simply lovely. I totally wouldn’t mind owning one though I hardly wear rings! *grins*


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