Monday, July 27, 2009


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Friday, July 24, 2009


For those who have been concerned, no I have not disappeared. Yes, I was away..

Am now back! And the event for this weekend is going to be great :D Apologies for the lack of updates as I was, still am, working on the new website and will all be revealed tomorrow *grins* Can’t wait!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Blogger will be on hiatus..

Posting & trade corner will be on hold… but fret not! Catch all updates right here >>

Enjoy the blogroll babes! *grins*

I’ll be a tad bit busy and not around.. but I will still answer e-mails pertaining to the rental for ASD v2.0 Launch

Am building the site and it’s looking awesome *winks*

Till then!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

SPOTTED: Sweet Sisters *Newbie*

Looking good here with a dress or a long top that is somewhat sheer yet totally detailed all at the same time! There are so many ways to experiment with this one here, can? *winks*


Skirts are like so in! They have everything from denim to peplum! You so have to check it out for yourself already babes! Don’t miss out alright *winks* I can totally spot a few that I want!

SPOTTED: Fascinate

And speaking of skirts, here’s yet another of those denim minis that you so gotta have alright. I mean, it’s almost like a staple piece of apparel that every girl needs to own, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: Cattique

And how could we possibly miss out on a tee like this one here? A little flowy, perfect for layering and pairing it with leggings or skinnies, no? *winks* That’s what we loike so much about them!

SPOTTED: My Kedai Runcit

Ooo.. studded galore with this one here babes! Sure is a pretty piece for a tank top and comes with a real affordable price tag to it as well too, can? *winks* Sure if friendly to the wallet!

SPOTTED: Coco Goddess


Three toned and totally versatile as well too, no? Something like this can we worn as a toga top or as a tube top! Woot! This one here' sure is a worthy buy, can? *giggles* I’d sure think so already!

SPOTTED: Only Branded Replica

Ed Hardy inspired pants, anyone? And to think we can have a pink pair! Oh my! I love it! It’s been a while since I have any coloured pants other than the usual black and white! Woot!

SPOTTED: Vogue In You

Bf shirt, with a twist there, can? All cuffed and collared and then you get a bow in the middle? Now that’s something new, no? *winks* I’d sure think so! And you can tie it at the front or even at the back!


Your sister in shopping

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story


For girls who love flowers and dangly earrings, this pair here is for you! Well, if these aren’t for you, then hey, why not check out their site? They have loads more to offer than this one here alright!

SPOTTED:  For Your Beauty *Newbie*

More goodies for the ladies! Hey, that rhymes *grins* And what does this do? It removes cellulite! This sure is a major issue for many, can? So this one here’s something for you to try babes!

SPOTTED: The Attire’s Attic


Cropped blouses? Cropped cardis? Which shall it be? It’s really ideal for layering since it ain’t too thick but yet with this extra layer, it’ll keep you warm too! Woot! And I love them puffy sleeves there already!

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

Here’s another one for you out there who can’t get enough of them exposed zippers! Tee-hee. All colourful and pretty and perfect for the summer time, no? *winks* I’d sure think so already babes

SPOTTED: Spring Fairy

Ooo.. here sure is a dainty and lady like piece. Seldom see them in black, can? And it sure is a pretty piece. What say you? Of course, if you really have had too much of black,there are always other colours to choose from!

SPOTTED: Dressierre


Oo.. fancy a clutch? Then try this one here already! I think it’s really awesome, with the chain strap for a dainty look and the colour and pleats to make it stand out! Alright!

SPOTTED: Shoessaholic

Have some more studs? *grins* This one here is a minimalist when it comes to displaying the studs, can? And well, there’s something for everyone when it comes to shoes like these!

SPOTTED: Windy Shopaholic

Ahh.. sweet and sexy all at the same time! Oh my, this sure is a great match between the two styles, no? *winks* Who would have thought you could mix it together like that?! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Poupee Collection *Newbie*

Ooo.. check this one out! It’s a sling bag, can you believe it already? *grins* Yup, a big and playful one too! Sure makes heads turn when you’re wearing this one here, no matter where you go!

SPOTTED: My Sassy Girls

Aww.. know anyone with a baby? Then this site here will be perfect for you to seek out what’s adorable and totally practical for that baby shower you’ll be attending! Tee-hee. So adorable, no? *winks*


Your sister in shopping


SPOTTED: Miss Shopaholic’s Closet

Them studded shoes sure are making a big name in the shopping scene, can? Looks like everyone and every kind of shoes have got them studs on them! Woot! I sure loike it and have you counted how many pairs of studded shoes you’ve got? *winks*

SPOTTED: Diva’s Fashionista

This is something I haven’t seen in a real long while alright. That Peter Pan collar pinstriped vest sure is a must have! Very smart casual, perfect for both work and play! Woot!

SPOTTED: Snazzy Sally

Ahh.. for those of you who love layering, then this one here is definitely a good choice! Sheer material and with big buttons too, what’s there not to like about this one already? *grins* Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Unitender Blush


And we got even more studs! Plus, check out that heel there, woot! This sure is one of a kind alright! *grins* Yellow shoes, great design, awesome heel, a must have already babes!

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions

There we have more of them tea dresses! Pretty and fun all at the same time, no? *giggles* And it’s even got this keyhole feature at the back of the dress as well too! How awesome! Oh, this is just one of the many designs available, can?

SPOTTED: Pretty Ever After

Ahh.. them vintage-like sling bags! Looks like we’re really hitting retro by bringing back what’s old as the new gold! But hey, you’ve got to admit that they look pretty awesome, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Yeah Collection

Not only do we have the blackhead masks from Shiseido, but now we even facial masks as well too! Tee-hee. Sure is awesome to have so many beauty products available for us, no?

SPOTTED: Your One Stop Boutique

Ahh.. this one here is by Fossil and sure is looking good. I’m not one to change my watch often, but if you’re one to collect ‘em, then this is the place you should totally visit already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Nunfish

Exposed zippers s’more! And this one here ain’t no dress but a pantsuit, can? What fun! *grins* And why wouldn’t you wanna have something like that? After all, it’s a good combo of the best of both designs!

SPOTTED: Cookie Crew

And for that dinner? Or maybe even prom, try something in electric blue instead of the usual black *winks* Throw on a cincher or those obi belts to make this simple dress look extraordinary!


Your sister in shopping

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SPOTTED: Office Doll

More exposed zippers babes! And this time it ain’t at the front but at the back instead! Tee-hee. Ain’t that awesome? And there’s only one so if this is yours then you so need to hurry along babes!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Quilted bags s’more! And to think we’d never see them again alright *grins* Here they are! All quilted and in white, looking real classy there already, no? *winks* I’d sure think so!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Ooo.. check out that jacket there babe! With the whole zipper and acid wash effect, how can you not wanna own it? Especially when you wanna keep up with the trends, then this is a must have babes!

SPOTTED: Twinkle Collection

Tous goodies! Tee-hee. Sure has been a while since I last saw something like these, can? And why wouldn’t we want more when they are available for a fraction of the original price and looks just as good!


Spot the butterflies flutter by with this one here! Tee-hee. And check out the pretty polymer clay flowers that come along with it as well too babes! So pretty ain’t it? This is just one of the many designs!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

And studs galore with this one here babes! On a simple handbag like this one here, you’d sure wanna own one alright! Plus, it’s got the latest trend but at the same time it’s versatile to fit any scene!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

Ooo.. all black and lacey sure makes this piece ever so sexy, can? Tee-hee. I for one sure think so event though I love white so much! Plus, make this your LBD why don’t you? You’re sure to stand out in the crowd alright!


And this one would do real fab as your new LBD as well too with them studs there, no? *winks* What say you? I’d think its fab and a very daring piece to own as well too babes! Woot!


Your sister in shopping

SPOTTED: Simpli-cious

One year ago, everyone was wearing them and I missed out on so many because the sizes ran out like super fast, can? And I thought I’d never see them again but there they are! Woot!

SPOTTED: The Bead Pot

Little ringlets to make up a choker! Aww.. ain’t that just sweet? For more accessories like these here that would make the perfect match for that LBD, you’d gotta pay them a visit!

SPOTTED: Style Influx

Check out that leopard print, varsity-like jacket inspired by none other than Gossip Girl of course *winks* If you wanna, you gotta hurry! Goodies like these don’t stay on the shelf for long, can?

SPOTTED: Colour Urself *Newbie*

Floral goodies aren’t just on skirts and dresses! They can be found on blouses like this one here as well too, can? Woot! Looking all ready for the summer time aren’t we now babes?


Cute little eyelets are back in the game babes! With blouses like these here, you sure cannot just let it pass! After all, it’s not everyday that we see ‘em alright! Woot! Get some already!

SPOTTED: Myra’s Spree

Polka dots once more! And aww.. aren’t they sweet to be in this shade babes? I’d sure love to have one myself too! Instead of the usual black and white. Tee-hee. Don’t you think so too babebs?

SPOTTED: The Twinz

And on to more headbands! You can’t miss out on these ones babes. Complete with butterflies to add on to that headgear, there’s no reason why you don’t wanna have one already babes!

SPOTTED: C-Stylish

Ooo.. one of my fav perfume brands and scent babes! What say you? When you can get them for a price that’s below what we find at the malls, this is a deal we cannot resist babes!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

And for them three toned dresses, here are more! Woot! I sure do love them. There’s something about them simple colours matched together that makes them look fantabulous!


Your sister in shopping

Monday, June 29, 2009

SPOTTED: Happy Smiley Fashion *Newbie*

Velvet pumps, can? Man, it sure is hard to find one pair of these alright *grins* And they sure are looking classy just like that! Yup, no need for fancy details when the shoes speak for themselves! Woot!

SPOTTED: Miss Shopaholic’s Closet

The bag there sure is one of a kind for a tote, no? *winks* And of course, you can wear it multiple ways as well too! *winks* Ain’t that just awesome? Tee-hee. Plus with that amount of compartments, how can you not wanna own it?

SPOTTED: Dorfbury

More dresses with exposed zippers! I loike it! It’s the hippest trend of the season and you’re definitely losing out if you don’t have something like this one here already! The more the better babes!

SPOTTED: Beauty Paradise

Ooo.. more shoes and I definitely loike ‘em very much! *grins* Wedges and all strapped up like so, how can you not wanna like them already? Tee-hee. I’d sure do wanna have a pair of these alright!

SPOTTED: Oops Treat

Hot summer shorts are definitely the way to go! *grins* The checkered, the plain, oh, everything is good to go when it’s summer time! And it’s always summer time for us here, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: A Bit of Everywhere

Oo.. didn’t know they come in tank tops as well too! Tee-hee. Sure love them Little Miss characters there alright. Sorta like your personality tees, oops, tank tops there, no? *grins* Get one while stocks last!

SPOTTED: Twenty5th *Newbie*

This one here’s a three in one! The top, the skirt and the awesome pink belt to match it as well too, can? *winks* I loike it! How often do we come across goodies like so babes? And you better get your hands on them before someone else does!

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Ooo.. did we not see something like this not too long ago and was totally sold out?! Now they’re back in the game and also running out of stocks real fast! Go check if they’ve got your sizes already!


Your sister in shopping