Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And comes along some funky-licious designs to match ‘em with!

Now who would have thought we could wear something like this?

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Zippers as earrings? O.o

Now that's something new, no? Made me grinned alright when I first saw it. Definitely something out of this world and definitely something we haven't seen before too! *giggles* but hey, I think they look fab! And once again kudos to Soak Republic for their fantastic designs in accessries!

SPOTTED: Blinb 2 Bling

Seashells anyone?

Yes, we have 'em on the earrings as well. Matched with blue Swarovski crystals, it totally reminds you of the beach side, no? Does to me! Totally! A sweet colours matched with sweet charms, digging for that baby blue dress to go along with it already? *winks*


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