Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now how do you like your floral prints babe? Like it bright bold and colourful? On a dress and with a huge bow? You want it and yes, you have it alright! In the form of a mini dress too! now, how sweet is that? totally dig the whole abstract theme to it too, no? *grins* definitely a worthy add on the wardrobe alright *winks*

Studs and hook earrings we had a plentiful already, now it's about time we go old school style and dig out some vintage-like goodies, no? Especially something like this, of the mosaic sort too! now, this kind, we rarely see. Funk up your look and style with this gorgeous pair today! Woot!

SPOTTED: Trendsettershop

Now we all know how the gladiator craze was like, no? They came in flats, they came all the way up to the calves, they came in wedges and now they have jelly gladiator sandals too! Alright! Nothing like giving the trends a twist to it, can? *giggles* Totally unique this one!

SPOTTED: Goddess City

Another one? Another floral print? Oh yes, we're gonna keep seeing 'em till, erm, I dont know! They just all look so good, can? This one is 'em halter and the lower haf is covered with batik-like flower prints! Ahh.. sweet. Plus, totally dig the uneven hemline of the dress!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

Oh my.. such a sweet dress this one is. satin and floral prints. Mm.. love the design, *heart* the material and my verdict? GET IT BEFORE IT SELLS OUT! *grins* I mean like such a simple dress, can? Plus it'll do for casual AND formal too. won't you wanna own it? *winks*


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