Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another promotion??

Ok, ok. This is not some benefit for being a reader, but nonetheless being a reader means you'll be informed about this *grins*

La'Belle Closet having a Reward Scheme


Every RM1 spent (exclude postage fees) = 1point
eg. RM56 - RM6 pos laju = 50points

1) We will have a TOP SPENDER reward from time to time.
2) Top spender by the end of the period will receive Mysterious Parcel.
3) All items 100% new.
4) We'll post the top 3 spender name here with their accumulated points.

Current period: 15th July - 31st August 2008

Uber cool, can? Spend and get benefits for spending! Woot! So hurry and spend now with La'Belle Closet!


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