Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flower Power!

*giggles* Yes, with the amount of floral prints we've seen around, we really got a whole lot of flower power alright! Plus, more is on the way too. Oh my!

They bring in tops that are plastered with floral motifs all over! They even named the tops after flower name too! *giggles* Awesome, can? And my friend just had like this flower themed party the other day. Something like this? Totally fits in! So, how 'bout you throw a flower theme party yourself? *winks*

SPOTTED: Cotton Crumple

And looks like they are back with their hunting game alright, bringing you goodies that are one of a kind only and yet still ever so with the trend. Here we see a different kinda floral pattern, can? Be it on a top or dress, they sure look good alright!


Your sister in shopping

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