Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can’t get enough of ‘em clothes!

SPOTTED: Sinful Seduction

Ahh.. stripes in loud colours . Thought that this was an off shoulder top at first but nope. It isn't. It's kinda like wearing two tops, one layered over the other, no? *grins* Except that this one here is one whole piece together. And I'd say it totally rocks the way its combined. Woot!

SPOTTED: Girls Bazaar

Now would you look at that? Another gorgeous maxi dress is in! Now we so cannot get enough of 'em don't we? *grins* the whole empire waist function totally adds on to how it accentuates that waist and elongate that body babes! Plus, the retro style? Totally dig it! Don't you too? *grins*


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